Registration Overkill and Spammers

If you have registered for the site, or even just tried to register, you have discovered that there are a number of “protections” in place to get it done. Simply put, this is due to the vast number of spammers that inundate the registration process, the site and generally create headaches.

This new MBM site is built using WordPress, which is a new endeavor for our tech team. We’ve been long-standing users of the Joomla CMS platform, but early experimentation with WP swayed us to give it a try. It seems to be easier to use, has a huge catalog of plug-ins and a giant support network behind it. It also happens to be the most used CMS platform on the web and spammers/hackers attack these sites relentlessly.

After we first launched the initial site, the spam registrations were completely off the chain, dozens and even over a hundred each day. All these registrations are manually reviewed before they are approved and this has proven to be incredibly time-consuming. Discussions with our ISP confirmed that WordPress is the most hacked platform there is. Because of this, we have taken a multitude of precautions to protect the site from spammers, hackers and Nigerian diplomats with money to give away. We’re trying a variety of methods to keep the site clean and there is a learning curve involved in what it takes to keep the spammers away. Ultimately, what it means for you mini boat wackos is that registration, and even logging in, can be a huge pain in the ass. We understand this and apologize if it takes awhile to get your registration approved, or you need to identify crosswalks in CAPTCHA, but we strongly feel the need to protect the site integrity. A tremendous amount of data entry has gone in to building the site, and continues to do so. The Library is being fleshed out behind the scenes and will be rolled out when the time is right. This site is a labor of love, but we don’t want to lose the hard work, time and money to some dickhead trying to sell Viagra in our Forums or Blog.

So for those of you that have already registered, thank you. For those that have tried or are considering it, please bear with us as we work to make MBM the definitive mini boat resource that we know it will be. Sign up and join please! If you have questions or are encountering problems, please email us directly at This is the quickest way to get an answer or help with any issues. We welcome any questions, feedback suggestions or ideas, so don’t be shy.